Why Soy? | By using a unique 100% natural blend of deluxe soy and coconut soy wax, our candles burn clean EVERY TIME. This means no soot marks on jars and full wax pools. 

Using soy also allows for a safer, cooler melt point. This means that your candle will melt at a lower temperature and your fragrance will fill the room stronger than if you were using a paraffin candle. For example, for every 10 degrees celsius higher a candle burns, you double the amount of fragrance that evaporates. So because soy candles have a melt rate of roughly 20 degrees celsius lower than paraffin, your scent throw will be much stronger. This lower melt point also increases the burn time you can expect from your candle. On average, a true soy candle will burn for 25-30% longer than a paraffin blend!! 

What is a wax pool? | A wax pool is the layer of liquid wax created when you burn your candle. To avoid tunnelling make sure that your first burn of a new candle has enough time to let the wick fully melt the wax to the edges of the container.

Why a wood wick? | Wooden wicks create an ambiance to your room that you didn't know was missing. I love nothing more than sitting out side having a bon fire with friends & family so by using wooden wicks in my candles, it reminds me ever so slightly of an outdoor fire. Aside from that, I find wooden wicks offer a 'slow burn'. Compared with a traditional cotton wick, wooden wicks can take additional time to ignite; this is due to the additional layers of charred wood needing to ignite vs a piece of cotton so it's recommended that you use a stick lighter to light your candle. Occasionally, you'll need to hold the flame on the wick for a few seconds & we all know no-one likes singed fingertips- so if you do use matches, light with caution. The wooden wicks used are designed to smoulder and burn with a lower flame than a typical candle. This allows for the scent to burn both stronger and longer for the life of your candle. 

Why does my candle sometimes appear lumpy after burning? | Because your candle is made from 100% natural soy & flaked coconut wax. This unique blend means the only additive in the wax is a natural plant based additive. The rough, lumpy, or frosty surface that may appear after your first burn is due to the all-natural qualities of the candle. This is not a product flaw but a tell-tale sign that your candle was poured using all natural ingredients. No paraffin or palm wax used here!

I've noticed there's no black residue on the inside of my candle container as it burns, why is that? | The black residue normally found on insides of candles post burn is soot. Soot is the by-product of incomplete combustion of carbon-containing fuels. Because Melt. & Co candles are made using 100% soy means your candles will burn clean. You shouldn't be experiencing soot on any of your jars. The combination of a clean burn and full melt pool means that at the end of your candles life, you will be able to discard any excess wax into the bin, remove the wick holder and wash your container with warm soapy water. Please hand wash only for best results and try to use only the soft side of a sponge- scourers aren't a candles best friend. 

My wick won't stay lit. Why? | Your wick could potentially be too long. Make sure your wick is trimmed to 3-5mm before burning. Rather than getting a ruler out, just pinch any charred bits off an place them in the bin. Remember, the wax fuels the flame not the wood. Make sure the candle is placed somewhere away from drafts, fans, and aircons. 

I still have questions...who can I talk to? | If you still have questions, please email [email protected]