Hi I'm Tay & I'm the face behind Melt. & Co!

As a self confessed candle addict, I found myself constantly on the search for the perfect candle but struggled to find THE ONE. 

 I tried all sorts of candles- pretty ones that didn't throw scent, smelly ones that were expensive or hard to find, and then some that looked pretty and smelled great but struggled to burn cleanly. With each candle that 'I finished', I felt horribly guilty for throwing the container in the bin because it wasn't pretty enough or didn't burn cleanly enough to re-use around the house.

All throughout my search for the perfect candle, I kept thinking to myself, surely I can create something that's not only beautiful but smells amazing and can be reused.... 

So in late 2019, Melt. & Co was born. I found that by using a 100% natural coconut soy wax, wooden wicks, and high quality fragrances, not only did my candle fill the large open-plan rooms of my home but could be reused so easily! 

There were no soot marks, my wax melted away cleanly, and at the end of the candles burn-life, all I had to do was wipe my jar clean, wash with warm soapy water and fill it up again. 

My passion for burning candles has manifested into a passion for making candles. Whether you love fruity, earthy, herbal or sweet, Melt. & Co has a scent for you. 

 If you can't find a scent on the website, reach out and a custom scent or container can be chosen. As a small business, I pour in small-batches on a made to order basis so it's quite easy to customise a candle to make it as unique as you are. 

xx Tay